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Harvest has started! 2008 PN Pictures

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Today Tolosa picked the first Pinot Noir grapes of the 2008 harvest! Block 518 was picked this morning and below is a short slide show of the pictures of the grapes being picked and then put into the hopper for processing. Enjoy and look for many more posts & pictures throughout this exciting time of the year!

Harvest 2008 Outlook

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

One of the first winegrowers I worked with in Napa, Buck Bartolucci, used to say "there’s no such thing as a normal harvest." He was a third generation winegrower and knew of what he spoke. Every year I feel that this is more and more true. It is one of the enduring fascinations and challenges of winegrowing, that each vintage is deeply and truly unique. The 2008 harvest is no exception. The spring weather was warm and free from much rainfall. This starts the vines early and is usually a harbinger of a good red wine year. The only abnormal weather event of the season was some record breaking heat just as the late varietals, Syrah and Grenache were blooming. This interfered with their fruit set, and this will be that rare year when we don’t need to do any fruit thinning on these varietal which sometimes need two thinnings. Mother nature took care of that for us this year. With our main varietal Pinot Noir and Chardonnay we saw less direct effect from this heat. The Pinot was effected little or not at all and the main effect on the Chardonnay was to limit berry size. This will have a positive effect on quality, but a negative effect on quantity.

The vines at this date have just finished veraison. This means that we are about a month away from harvest. The weather has been ideal since veraison started. Morning fog has been the norm with the sun appearing about 10:00 and the winds being on the light side for this normally very windy valley. The vine’s canopy – it’s engine if you will is in great shape. There are no diseases or pests evident, and it’s simply a matter of keeping our fingers crossed that the weather stays mild and dry. Although we had slight thunder storms and lighting on Friday August 15th, the quick showers had no adverse effects on the vines. If anything they helped wash off the dust!

-Larry Brooks, Winemaker