Wine & Artisan Pairing Menus

Wine and Artisan Food Pairings
Every weekend guests have the chance to choose from 3 menus to experience  artisan food and wine pairings. With the success of our wine and cheese pairings we've expanded to offer wine and charcuterie or wine and chocolate truffle pairings. Each menu comes with 4 wines thoughtfully paired with each food item. The food and wine pairing experience takes place in our reserve Heritage Room where guests can sit back and relax away from the crowds of the tasting room and overlook the beautiful view of our estate vineyards.


Menu will be offered September 12th-13th:

2012 "Pure" Chardonnay
Mango Ginger White Stilton

2012 Chardonnay
Mezzo Secco

2012 Pinot Noir
La Tur

2011 Syrah
Fiscalini Cheddar


Vivant Fine Cheese, Paso Robles Charcuterie and Wine Pairing:
Four meats are paired with four perfectly selected Tolosa wines. 

2012 No Oak Chardonnay
Prosciutto (Busseto) with fig

2012 Chardonnay
Duck Pate/Fabrique Delices

2012 Pinot Noir
Cacciatorino pork sausage with
Chianti and juniper berry(local!)

2011 Syrah
Truffle(also chicken & Sherry) Mousse


Truffle and Wine Pairing:
Four truffles are paired with four perfectly selected Tolosa wines.

2012 No Oak Chardonnay
Lemon Hazelnut Truffle

2012 Chardonnay
Orange Truffle

2012  Pinot Noir
Lavender Truffle

2011 Syrah
Mexican Chocolate Truffle

Cheeses & Charcuterie sourced from Vivant Fine Cheese, Paso Robles