Viognier Legacy Dessert Ice Wine 2013

Viognier Legacy Dessert Ice Wine 2013
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This dessert wine was made in the style of ice wine. Here in our mild maritime climate we don’t get the hard freezes needed to make this wine on the vine. Instead we use a commercial freezer company just south of us to freeze the juice solid. As the juice thaws a concentration takes place as the water stays behind in the form of ice and an almost honey like syrup melts out. We then ferment this essence into wine. The very high sugar content of this juice is quite stressful for the yeast so the fermentation stops before all of the sugar is consumed leaving high levels of residual sugar behind. In this vintage the yeast were a bit more successful than usual so instead of the typical ratio of 10% alcohol to 19% sugar we got bit more alcohol and a bit less sugar.

Light gold in color this wine is intensely aromatic. The primary note is of orange blossom honey. There are also hints of candied almond and licorice. As is to be expected with a dessert wine it is lusciously sweet with an integrated palate and some bright acidity supporting the sugar.

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