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Primera Tolosa 2022 Allocation

One 3-pack of each

Primera 2017

Crafting Primera is a long, but exciting process; it is a blend of the best of the best. The first and most important step is to identify the top Pinot Noir lots of Edna Ranch from up to 100 small lots, depending on the vintage. We taste each lot after fermentation and continually adjust the blend to create the finest synthesis. The complex exercise rewards us with a showcase of the true nature of the Pinot Noir varietal and of our estate: power and complexity wrapped in an elegant package. "My first vintage with Tolosa, and also my first time crafting our flagship! This wine has aged beautifully and is  truly complete and a pleasure to drink." -Frederic Delivert

Bien Nacido Vineyard Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley 2019

Tolosa is honored to be one of the few producers to secure fruit from this highly sought-after vineyard located just south of us in the Santa Maria Valley.  Bien Nacido vineyard benefits from one of the longest growing seasons in California, located 16 miles from the Pacific Ocean, and is known for growing world-class Chardonnay. The site is punctuated by mild sunny days, an afternoon sea draft, and foggy nights and mornings to moderate the temperature of the vines. "Sourcing from such an iconic vineyard is a privilege! This 2019 is fresh, delicious and still young, which is the reason that I picked it! I can’t wait to give it a couple of years more in bottle to see how complex it will have developed." -Frederic Delivert

Poletti-Edna Ranch Chardonnay Edna Valley 2018

The 2018 vintage experienced a traditional long and cool growing season. The long growing
season is a hallmark of Edna Valley, the coolest AVA in California. The grapes for this single vineyard Chardonnay hung on the vine to an ideal ripeness while preserving a crisp acidity. The Poletti section encapsulates unique terroir, as it sits slightly elevated on the mountainside of Edna Valley. Like clockwork, the site receives an afternoon sea breeze offering a moderating influence to preserve the natural acidity in the grapes. "This is a great chardonnay! It showcases exactly what you can achieve in Edna Valley with this varietal. It is all about complexity and elegance." - Frederic Delivert

Albatross Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir Carmel Valley 2017

With the cool climate and limestone shale soils, Albatross Ridge produces a wine with acidity and delicacy much in comparison to the great wines of Burgundy.  Perched 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean on a mountaintop of ancient, uplifted seabed with gravelly loam, limestone and shale soils, Albatross Ridge Vineyard offers a unique minerality to the wine.  With the combination of the soil type and steep grades of 25%, the vineyard produces exceptionally low yields of less than 2 tons per acre. The cool climate and long growing season allow the grapes to gradually ripen, maintaining a racy acidity. “A sense of place, the vines struggle to grow in the rocky soils of the ridge and it translates into the glass with a very mineral profile. A very good reminder that Pinot Noir is all about finesse and grace.” -Frederic Delivert

Drum Canyon Vineyard Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills 2018

Drum Canyon is farmed by the Dierberg family and situated in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA in western Santa Barbara County. The Sta. Rita Hills AVA is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and famous for its east to west transverse mountain range which allows the strong maritime winds and fog to cool the climate. Drum Canyon is planted alongside Highway 246, on a steep southwest facing hillside between Lompoc and Buellton. "Our first vintage of Drum Canyon has not put a wrinkle on! A more masculine profile for a Pinot Noir, but its weight is well balanced with acidity to keep the mouthfeel fresh and lively." -Frederic Delivert

El Coro Vineyard Pinot Noir Petaluma Gap 2018

Spanish for “The Chorus,” El Coro lives up to its name, delivering a harmonious balance of ripeness and acidity. The combination of this site’s location next to San Pablo Bay with the wind gusting from the Pacific Ocean, creates a cool climate that brings tension to the wine.  El Coro vineyard is farmed by the Keller family and located within the Petaluma Gap AVA, the premier gateway to the Sonoma Coast. The “Gap” is a wind gap that allows the maritime wind and fog to roar into the region. "Same vintage as the Drum Canyon, but different location, and a more perfumy, delicate, feminine profile. The two ends of the Pinot Noir spectrum side by side!" -Frederic Delivert

Hollister-Edna Ranch Pinot Noir Edna Valley 2018

The 2018 vintage produced a sensational Hollister Pinot Noir. The cooler temperatures accentuate the acidity in this wine. The vineyard site is located 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, offering a moderating influence to help the grapes maintain a balanced acidity, and has a slope that orchestrates 3 picks at harvest. We start with the middle section, as it receives extra sun exposure from its aspect. The top and bottom sections hang on the vine longer and are picked later. The lots are blended to create this complex single vineyard wine. "Another 2018, proof of the quality of this vintage that is just starting to show its potential. This Hollister has everything, fruit richness, density, layers and freshness.  I put this wine it high up on my list of top choices." -Frederic Delivert

Solomon Hills Vineyard Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 2016

Located at the westernmost end of the Santa Maria Valley AVA, the vineyard sits in the valley widely open to the Pacific Ocean only 10 miles away and gently slopes towards it, so you can actually see the dunes from the vine rows. Our blocks are located on the valley floor with sandy soils and receive an aggressive afternoon sea breeze which serves as a moderating influence. "Oldest wine of the selection, I really love the complexity of it. For me the Pinot Noirs from SHV are always a little backward, young, but age beautifully. The 2016 is the perfect illustration of this." -Frederic Delivert

Solomon Hills Vineyard Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 2019

The exciting and innovative grapes from this property are growing in demand, as Pinot Noir connoisseurs appreciate the attractive and elegant notes from the wines.  As anticipated with the 2019 vintage, the cool coastal region takes center stage in this wine with the bright acidity. With time, the wine builds broader notes, filling the palate with depth and a rich mouthfeel.  Solomon Hills Vineyard experiences a long and mild growing season perfect for the style of Pinot Noir we are seeking. "Solomon Hills Vineyard is the only vineyard with two placements here, so that must tell you something! The 2019 is a rich Pinot, but zesty as it comes from another cool climate growing area. It might be the best Solomon Hills Vineyard I have made so far. Knowing the aging potential of this wine shows that it’s future is bright!" -Frederic Delivert