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Bien Nacido Syrah 2017

Bien Nacido Syrah 2017
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This is Tolosa's 2nd and final vintage of this Syrah.  The goal with this wine is to capture the true expression of Syrah grown from the iconic Bien Nacido vineyard known for the varietal. Syrah adapts to where it is grown and showcases distinct character from the site.  Bien Nacido Vineyard is located just south of San Luis Obispo county in the Santa Maria Valley, and receives a coastal sea breeze and marine layer that produces a climate ideal for producing a cool climate, savory Syrah.

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Notes and Pairing Suggestion from Bob Bath, MS:
"It’s doubtful that California will ever have a Grand Cru vineyard system like Burgundy; however, if we did, Bien Nacido would be one of the first vineyards selected. One of the “grand daddy” vineyards of the entire Central Coast, most people know this vineyard primarily for its extraordinary Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Syrah may be the best kept secret of Bien Nacido Vineyard!
Because of its terroir sensitivity, Syrah has a variety of expressions that can range from the opulent Australian style to the lean Northern Rhone style. This wine is a wonderful expression of both styles, leaning a little more in the Northern Rhone direction with its complex savory, black pepper and earthy notes. This is a powerful wine, and decanting it about an hour before serving will bring out the wonderful nuances of this old vine block in Bien Nacido. You’ll be amply rewarded by giving this wine at least ten years in your cellar.
In the meantime, the Tolosa Bien Nacido Syrah will be a great partner for dishes that feature bold, grilled flavors like this recipe for grilled lamb."
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