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Poletti-Edna Ranch Chardonnay 2017 1.5L

Poletti-Edna Ranch Chardonnay 2017 1.5L
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About the Vineyard
The Poletti portion of our home vineyard, Edna Ranch, is named for the historic Italian Swiss dairy farming family who previously worked this land. The Poletti section is on the mountainside slopes of the Edna Valley. The slopes are southwest facing which allows the grapes to receive more exposure to sunlight. The vineyard sits in the direct path of the coastal sea breeze and at a slightly higher altitude, receiving a moderating influence of cooler temperatures which helps the grapes maintain their natural acidity and fruit aromas. The fruit from the Poletti tract is the highlight of this Edna Ranch Chardonnay.

The Chardonnay from Edna Ranch experienced a mild growing season with the Pacific wind that sweeps through the valley and the coastal fog that funnels into the valley at night and in the morning. The fruit was picked before the heat spike in 2017; thus, the wine has a fresh acidity contributing to the tension of the wine. The blocks incorporated in this Chardonnay from the Poletti section of Edna Ranch contribute a diversity of exposure and clones: Dijon 76, Dijon 96 and Tempesqué. With this assortment of clones, we are able to produce a balanced wine showcasing the unique elements of the Edna Valley profile.

Nose:  White peach, yellow plum, cantaloupe, powdery nutmeg, star jasmine and sandalwood

Palate:  A bright acidity that freshens up the wine and delivers tension all the way through. Showcasing notes of lemon custard, fresh cut

Wine Specs
Edna Valley
Vineyard Designation
Edna Ranch
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